Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is TRT?


Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a specific type of hormone replacement therapy for men and women. TRT restores testosterone — the hormone that helps you maintain muscle mass, strong bones, healthy hair, and a healthy sex drive. Testosterone also impacts many other facets of your whole-body health, including your mood and energy levels.

When male hormones are imbalanced it can cause serious effects on the body of that individual.  Come with us and turn back time with our Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

What symptoms does TRT treat?

TRT treats a broad range of issues in men.  Are you suffering from any of the symptoms below?

Symptoms of low testosterone:




•Brain Fog

•Memory Loss

•Erectile Dysfunction 

•Low Libido

•Weight Gain


With TRT, you can return to an optimal testosterone level and reach your vast potential.

How we treat Testosterone deficiency:

Toro's Male Clinic offers the most effective method of TRT: Injection therapy that places the testosterone directly into your body

Other options are available, including topical creams and patches, where you absorb testosterone through your skin.


Our proven treatments consist of a medical professional giving you one quick and painless testosterone injection once a week! But first, in order for us to give you the best TRT treatment our Medical staff will have to perform a blood test to check your levels of testosterone. Once your results are ready our staff will give you a call to come back to the office to see doctor your your treatment and prescription.  

A testosterone peak point is at 3 days and starts subsiding by the 7th.  Having one shot a week will always have you at the right level of testosterone and you will start with consistent energy.


-Sex drive and libido boost

-Fat loss

-Muscle mass gain

-Better sleep

-Better mood

-Bone density increase

-Sexual improvement 

-Better mental activity

-Decreases levels of bad cholesterol 

TRT can boost the male libido and fight erectile dysfunction (ED) for a greatly enhanced sex life. It can also improve energy, mood, sleep, confidence, motivation, and mental clarity very quickly. 


Over time, TRT can improve your muscle mass (as part of a strength training regimen), speed exercise recovery time, help you fight illness, improve facial hair growth, and improve your bone and joint health.

TRT offers true revitalization for men who are struggling. You can also boost your health benefits even more with peptide therapy. And, anti-aging treatments like Brotox® can help you to look as good as you feel. 


When might I need TRT?

Men lose testosterone at a rate of up to 2% per year after age 30, but testosterone depletion can start as early as your 20s.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that trouble you, any age is the right age to seek help.


Are you ready to find out how TRT can change your life? Call Toro Male Clinic or book your appointment online now.